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Terms & Conditions of Virtual Broadcast Truck

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Terms and Conditions :

Primestar Digital Network dba Virtual Broadcast Truck provides Live streaming/ Broadcasting, On Demand Content delivery and general broadcast related services to organizations, and individuals.

Some of our services include a “white label” model pass through approach in which our infrastructure is utilized as a broadcast production, distribution mechanism, and or a storage medium to assist in the marketing of such works.

Clients of Primestar Digital Network and Virtual Broadcast Truck, understand that all content that is passed through our technology is considered to be licensed and permitted by client for legal sufficiency.

Any Broadcast or Video On Demand asset that uses the above mentioned names and resources for publication will be properly cleared if necessary by licensing authorities by the client.

Such agencies for licenses are:

By using our technology, platform, and or resources, client agrees to indemnify Primestar Digital Network, Virtual Broadcast Truck and all related associated brands, corporations, subsidiaries and relevant entities whose technology was incorporated in the process of capture, production, delivery, storage, or embellishment of works in question.