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Best Practices of Virtual Broadcast Truck

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For optimum service, reliability and viewer broadcast experience, please adhere to the following best practices :

Turn off all notifications before connecting to the Virtual Broadcast Truck. This includes calls, text, and application notifications.
Consider using a mounting device / gimbal to ensure smooth and fluid movements of the camera.
Consider using external audio microphone(s) that plug into the aux/ headphone port of your device. These units can provide better tonal quality than some of the stock units that are built into the device.
Do not zoom or tighten shot by way of fingers on screen during the live broadcast. Sudden zooming or tightening in imagery does not lend well in professional applications.
If you are using the native microphone on the device, be mindful that surrounding sounds and voices that are not considered part of the video dialog can be introduced into the broadcast.
If you are creating a video of yourself, do not hold the camera above your head and look up into the lens. Position the camera to capture a leveled shot to create a more robust product.