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Access and Monthly Fees :

There is a one-time connection charge that is bundled with a first month service fee of $99.00 upon the initial request to open an account with Virtual Broadcast Truck. Thereafter, clients will be billed a $19.99 monthly access charge to remain on the Virtual Broadcast Truck network.

Users can use the service for any period of time as this is a no contract service. In the event a user’s account is suspended for more than 30 days for non-payment, user must re subscribe at the $99.00 account setup level.

Users whose account is suspended for 29 days or less can simply pay that month’s access charge ($19.99) to be reinstated into the Virtual Broadcast Truck network.

Broadcast Fees :

$225 Per hour

Broadcast less than 29 minutes are billed at $175.00

Broadcast 30-60 minutes are billed at $225.00

After first hour, billing is calculated in quarter hour increments.

Example; Broadcast 1hr 13minutes equals 1.25 hours ($225.00) $225/4 =$56.25 $225 + $56.25 = $281.25

Broadcast that run longer than the pre-scheduled time will be billed the overage charges at the conclusion of the broadcast

These cost are in addition to the monthly access charge of $19.99


First time users will need to sign up via the account portal to have access to the scheduling module. Users will upload a png image as their profile picture, include all social media channel credentials that will be utilized with the service.

Upon account verification and accreditation, user will have full access to the scheduling module, thus allowing events to be scheduled, managed and viewed from the client portal.

Single use broadcast vs Subscription based

Single use :

$99.00 account setup fee.

Pre-billing of broadcast based on estimated time of actual broadcast.

Pre event connection time is complimentary.

Subscription based :

$0 set up fee as account will be bundled with existing remote services plan.

Priority event scheduling.

Pre event connection time is complimentary.

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