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Workflow of Virtual Broadcast Truck

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Dashboard :

Provides an overview of the past 10 scheduled broadcast within your portal.

Dashboard - Virtual Broadcast Truck

Schedule Stream :

When scheduling a broadcast you must enter the name of the event, at least one name for a speaker as well as title, for example; John Smith Manager.

To add additional speakers who will be presenting or speaking simply click onto the add another speaker icon to add additional names and titles. Next select your broadcast location’s time zone, star and end date and time information.

You must upload a PNG image that will be used in lower thirds and or opening / closing graphic implementations. You are permitted to upload back up data such as event flyer’s, production notes, etc for production engineer’s reference.

Select which platforms that you desire this broadcast to populate to and then “Schedule Stream” You will now be prompted to pay for the scheduled broadcast. Once payment is completed, the broadcast will now be in the scheduling que in the Virtual Broadcast Truck headquarters to be assigned to an engineer. Broadcast that are not paid for will show in user account as not paid and will not be considered active.

Schedule Stream - Virtual Broadcast Truck

Edit Account :

This page permits client to edit their account information.

Edit Account - Virtual Broadcast Truck

View Scheduled Streams :

View all upcoming scheduled streams from this portal. User can pre-schedule as many broadcast as desired.

View Scheduled Streams - Virtual Broadcast Truck

Start Streaming :

Click onto this page to launch your broadcast feed to the Virtual Broadcast Truck. When attempting to “Go Live”, you will be permitted to do so within 20 minutes of your actual broadcast scheduled time at no additional cost. Ex: your broadcast is scheduled for 3pm, you will be able to activate live connection to the truck at 2:40pm.

This advance complimentary time allows you to utilize the 2-way communication portal to speak to your engineer to establish audio and video sync, advanced audio/video production elements as well as last minute additions or deletions.

Our system does not allow devices to connect and send signal if the mobile phone is attempting to capture video in portrait mode.

During this time, client will NOT disconnect from the Virtual Broadcast Truck. Your engineer will launch the broadcast publicly at the stated time or use visual judgement to determine actual start and end time as events can start prematurely or end later than scheduled time.

In the event a broadcast has a run time which is longer (more that 15 minutes) than the pre scheduled time, client will be billed the difference in quarter hour increments.

Upon completion of your event, please allow the broadcast engineer to fade the broadcast instead of just simply stopping the connection to the Virtual Broadcast Truck.

Your engineer will use sound judgement in this process as well as two-way communication is available between client and engineer for client to indicate that the broadcast should terminate. This will allow your broadcast to have a more natural ending versus a simply cut off or camera jerking movement.